Image Rescaling Utilities

A while ago, I evaluated some software for a client to resize pics without losing detail, and find that Genuine Fractals 6.0 ($160), PhotoZoom Pro 2 ($240), and Image Enlarger 0.8 ($0) do an amazing job of producing sharp, clear enlargements, as can be seen in this comparison of a 64×64 sample enlarged to 256×256 (4x):

For rescaling high-contrast images by 2, 3, & 4 times, however, there is simply no better algorithm than HQx (Code page)


If you want ‘content aware’ rescaling, but don’t want to pay the big bucks for Photoshop, the generic term is ‘seam carving‘ (software links at the bottom of the page).  You can resize scenes like this

or even remove portions of a scene, like this:

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1 Response to Image Rescaling Utilities

  1. deadlydad says:

    Another VERY handy tool: SmartDeblur.

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